Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching

Take Your Gypsy Jazz Guitar Skills To A Professional Level.

Gain Fluency And Confidence To Go And Smash A Jam Session Within 6 To 12 Months.

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From Our Students

See how some of our students are using this system to gain confidence and forge their unique Style, which will allow them to get paid to play.

“The program led me to play with a lot more confidence and inspiration than before. Finally I can convey to the public something more than before and certainly have more visibility and the possibility of growing in this environment.”

- Alain B.

“Since joining Filippo’s program, I feel a lot more confident in my playing and I feel competent in nurturing and working on my unique style. I always dreamt of playing this music for a living…and finally I have just booked my first gig in a Jazz club , with my own band! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Clement Sigoigne

“Filippo is a perfect guide for intermediates and beginners together. Then sometimes I notice that something I learned from gypsy jazz has filtered down into my compositions in a different form. It’s definitely helped me in my musical projects even though they are worlds away, stylistically speaking.”

- Jem Bosatta

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What to expect inside

“Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching” program

Hone your guitar skills and achieve a professional level of Gypsy Jazz guitar playing so that you smash your next jam session and performance

Acquire the skills, stage presence and mindset to become a confident performer

Develop a deep knowledge of your instrument and of this beautiful music

Have the opportunity to work with other Gypsy Jazz Guitarists from all over the world

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