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Important: in order for me to prepare for our call, I need a short video of you playing to assess your skill level.

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Now, on this deep-dive 60-minute session, please be prepared to:

Honestly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current Gypsy Jazz guitar skills – including your self-promotion and marketing skills;

Identify how to grow an audience who loves and buys your music in the next 6 months;

Map out an action plan to fill your calendar with the gigs that you really want;

Discuss longer-term strategies for becoming a well-known musician and building your own personal brand

Let’s Use This Time To Make Sure We Can Truly Help You Implement Our System

Becoming A Confident And In-Demand Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitarist

That Consistently Books Out paying Gigs.

If we both agree the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Accelerator is the best fit for you, we
will extend an invitation for you to join the program and community and talk about next steps. We’re looking forward to digging into this with you and hope to continue serving you inside the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Accelerator

To Your Success,
Filippo Dall’Asta
Founder & CEO
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Accelerator

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