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Master The Proper Right Hand Technique For Gypsy Jazz Guitar,

Get That Authentic Tone And Play Like The Pros. Even if you feel that it’s too difficult to change your picking technique or are just at the start of your Gypsy jazz guitar journey

What we’ll cover

How to get rid of the stiffness when you play in front of other people and how you can play with relaxation and confidence in the next 3 months

The number 1 secret to mastering Gypsy jazz guitar so that you become a confident player

The best way to conquer the right-hand technique for Gypsy Jazz Guitar so that you get that authentic Gypsy jazz tone

The fastest way to progress in Gypsy jazz guitar, even if you feel confused about how and what to practise.

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March 26th-27th at 6 PM (CET/Central European Time)


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Who is the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Right Hand

Technique Intensive for?

Guitarists who play Gypsy jazz music but struggle with understanding and applying the correct right hand technique

Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who feel tense and stiff when playing for an audience and can’t perform at their best

Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who are very driven but lack the discipline and method to hone their guitar skills

Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who have a background in rock and blues and feel that learning a new picking technique might compromise what they have learned in the past

Secure your Free Pass for the Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Right Hand Technique Intensive

Happy Students

Filippo Dall’Asta

Gypsy jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader, and arranger, mixing the sounds of Gypsy Jazz with bebop and classical music, to forge his own style of progressive guitar playing.

Filippo began playing at the age of 5 in Parma, Italy, and studied music in his native country as well as Germany, France, Holland, and India.

He has toured Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, England, Malta, and Russia, with notable appearances at The Royal Albert Hall, the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Union Chapel, and many festivals in France and Italy.​ Played and recorded with hundreds of artists such as Mozes Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Giacomo Smith, John Wheatcroft, Duved Dunajevsky, Rares Morarescu, Gypsy Dynamite, Harp Bazaar, Tara Minton (Björk), Mehboob Nadeem, The Onironauts, and many more.

Filippo has released 2 Albums: in 2018, his solo album called “Mediterasian”, praised as “one of the best instrumental albums of 2018” by LA Music Critic Awards. And in 2020, with his side project Gypsy Dynamite, he launched the album “Cafe Dynamite”, which has received several raving reviews amongst which “An irresistible and unforgettable charm”  by Jazz Journal UK.

Filippo has the magic balance of talent and drive and both serve each other perfectly. He positively glows in his numerous musical endeavors, is boundlessly enthusiastic and he has the skills to back all of this up. Further, he is a pleasure to play with and I expect big things from him.

- John Wheatcroft

Guitar Tech Magazine

Filippo Dall’Asta’s “Mediterasian” is a great fusion of Gypsy jazz and Indian music. The sounds of the two traditions blend perfectly with each other creating a fresh, original and innovative debut album. Highly recommended!

- Mozes Rosenberg

Secure your Free Pass for the Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Right Hand Technique Intensive

Here are the details of the event…


March 26th-27th at 6 PM (CET/Central European Time)


Private FB Group

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This is a lesson that you can go back and revisit throughout your journey as a Gypsy jazz guitarist. It’s material that even professional Gypsy jazz guitarists still practise today and something all of my students are constantly working on.

5 Gypsy Jazz Solos Transcribed by Filippo in music score, tablature and Soundslice link.

Life time access to the recordings of all of the event sessions delivered straight to your inbox, so you can revisit and rewatch everything covered in the event in your free time (you’ll definitely want to go back and watch this stuff!)