Gypsy Jazz Guitar Right Hand Technique Workshop

Event Date: November 11, 2023

Location: Online

Price: $Free

About The Event

On November 11th at 6 PM (CET/Central European Time), we’re running the free online event “Gypsy Jazz Guitar Right Hand Technique Workshop”.

In this event, we’ll cover:

– How to get rid of the stiffness when you play in front of other people and how you can play with relaxation and confidence in the next 3 months

– The number 1 secret to mastering Gypsy jazz guitar so that you become a confident player

– The best way to conquer the right-hand technique for Gypsy Jazz Guitar so that you get that authentic Gypsy jazz tone

– The fastest way to progress in Gypsy jazz guitar, even if you feel confused about how and what to practise

Who is the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Right Hand Technique Workshop for?

– Guitarists who play Gypsy jazz music but struggle with understanding and applying the correct right hand technique

– Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who feel tense and stiff when playing for an audience and can’t perform at their best

– Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who are very driven but lack the discipline and method to hone their guitar skills

– Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who have a background in rock and blues and feel that learning a new picking technique might compromise what they have learned in the past