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gypsy jazz guitar makeover coaching

Want to master Gypsy Jazz guitar?


Here’s our one-of-a-kind, results-oriented program designed to help you learn improvising solos in Gypsy jazz guitar and become a confident player within 6 to 12 months

This could be you

You improvise a great solo and the audience starts cheering, you are finally standing out as a Gypsy jazz guitarist and it feels great…


Imagine finally having the skills and confidence to show up on the stage, play for an audience…or even just finally smashing a jam session!





Here’s How We Do It

  • Master the 3 Ps a professional Gypsy Jazz guitar player must have: Practice, Perseverance, and the joy of Playing music.
  • Hone your guitar skills in all areas of guitar playing such as:
  • right hand technique
  • rhythm
  • chords
  • scales & arpeggios
  • licks
  • repertoire
  • solo transcriptions
  • music theory
  • Reach a professional level of Gypsy jazz guitar playing.
  • Gain the confidence and fluency to go and smash your next jam session within 6 to 12 months (as opposed to the 4-5 years that would take you without any direction).


our students

Quentin Derudas


Roberto Soto

Jean-Benoît Masson


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the system includes

Weekly live coaching calls

Join me once a week for a live call, to support you in mastering your Gypsy Jazz guitar skills.

Weekly Lessons

Work on 8 categories of Gypsy Jazz guitar playing on a rotation basis to become a confident guitarist.

Interactive activities

Interact in real-time with Filippo and other students to share your progress and challenges.

Individual feedback and support

Get all your questions answer and receive personalized feedback on your playing and study schedule.


Workbooks, tabs and diagrams

Skill development library ($5000 value)

Private Facebook group

Accountability System

Workbooks, tabs and diagrams

Work on group performances

Exclusive Live Guest Masterclasses

Monthly VIP workshops

Regular recap sessions

  • Workbooks, Tabs And Diagrams
  • Work On Group Performances
  • Skill Development Library
  • Exclusive Live Guest Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly VIP Workshops
  • Accountability System
  • Regular Recap Sessions


what Our students say

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this is what you will learn

Every week, on a rotation basis, we’ll work on mastering the 8 individual skillsets you must know to master Gypsy jazz guitar.

1. Right-Hand Technique

Get that authentic Gypsy Jazz tone by conquering the right-hand technique.

2. rhythm

Become a solid rhythm player by mastering “La Pompe”, the Gypsy Bossa, Ballads, Bolero, Gypsy Rumba, Waltz…and how to swing!

3. Chords

Surprise your audience with beautiful chord solos, substitutions, inversions, harmonisations and solo guitar

4. Scales & Arpeggios

Sound hip and improvise on any chord progression by learning to apply Melodic Minor harmony, Harmonic Minor Harmony, and Major Harmony.

5. Licks

Learn cool licks and phrases so that you know how to use all the scales that we study and become a confident soloist.

6. Learn Standards

Grow your repertoire and be ready for your next jam session by learning a new standard every 8 weeks!

7. Transcribe Solos

Build your ears, absorb the sound of your favourite players, and build your music vocabulary by learning how to transcribe and analyse the solos of the Gypsy Jazz guitar greatest.

8. Music Theory

Become an all-round musician that knows not only what to play…but how and why! Learn about intervals, harmonisation of scales, chord progressions, and ear training.

we have what it feels like a big family

Private community of

like-minded guitarists

Why do I offer a free trial?

You’re probably thinking: “What’s the catch?”

This is a deep passion of mine. The more people I have in my community, the better.

The Gypsy Jazz guitar market is under-served, and I also know that I want to win your trust.

So before I ask for any money I want you to experience it for yourself, so that you will love it just as much as our community members.

Of course you can cancel anytime before the end of your 14-day trial. You can do so easily from your account.

secure your spot
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frequently asked questions

I am a beginner. Is the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching program suited for me?
Yes, each lesson is designed to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
Regardless of your level, each week you will learn something that will help you progress and build on the lesson for the following week.
What if I am too busy to join the live calls?

You will get access to replays of all live sessions so you can watch them in your own time!

Will I get individual feedback on my playing?

Of course! We have a private Facebook group where you can share your videos and get individual feedback and tuition.


Are PDFs and music scores provided?

Yes, each lesson comes with a PDF, music score and guitar tabs that you get to download and keep on your computer forever!

What if I want to cancel?

I guarantee you will have a lot of fun with the program, and see your skills developing much quicker than you can expect. But if, for some reason, you want to cancel your membership, you can cancel any time.


As my 104-year-old grandfather once told me:

A Little Piece of Advice

“Practicing music all my life kept me healthy and strong in my body and mind…never compare yourself to others. You will ALWAYS have something to practice and to work on. And that’s the beauty of music. This is our gift as musicians: we will never be bored and we will always be focused on improving ourselves.”

Filippo Dall’Asta