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  • Don’t have the time for a membership based program?
  • Your schedule and current lifestyle is too irregular to commit to a coaching program?
  • Are you just swamped with commitments and barely have time to practice properly?

If you’re like most people, you probably answered “yes” to at least one of these questions.

In today’s society, life can become really busy and unpredictable. On top of that, you might already be part of other coaching programs, subscriptions and commitments that you want to keep going.

If you’re struggling to take your Gypsy Jazz guitar skills to the level you’ve always wanted, so that you can sit comfortably through your next jam session and even take your skills to the stage… if you find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to meet your goals, but life always seems to be getting in the way…

…then CONGRATULATIONS. You’re in the right place!

How does this work?

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Studies is an ever-growing library of more than 100 hours (and counting!) of Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons by Filippo Dall’Asta and some of the best tutors in the world (John Wheatcroft, Giangiacomo Rosso, Dario Napoli, Damjan Pejcinoski to name a few) each in video and PDF format, with guitar tabs and chord & scales diagrams.

All lessons are sorted by category (right hand technique, rhythm, chords, scales & arpeggios, licks, learn standards, solo transcriptions and music theory) so that you can comb through all the lessons and focus on the areas of Gypsy jazz guitar playing that you need to focus on to take your skills to performance level…

By enrolling, you get life-time access to the library, so you can do this in your own time and following your own schedule!

In this course you also get access to a special training that consistently teaches you how to practice, what to practice every day, as well as how to design your perfect practice routine, so that you can implement this in your life and get the results that you want as soon as possible.

Good or good?

What’s inside

Gypsy Jazz Guitar 3 Skills Bundle – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Stage Ready – What you will learn

Every area of our musicianship affects the other areas. So the key to becoming a professional level Gypsy Jazz Guitarist is to not only master these 3 individual skillsets but also to understand how they affect each other mutually.

1. Right-Hand Technique

Get that authentic Gypsy Jazz tone by conquering the right-hand technique.

2. Rhythm

Become a solid rhythm player by mastering “La Pompe”, the Gypsy Bossa, Ballads, Bolero, Gypsy Rumba, Waltz…and how to swing!

3. Chords

Surprise your audience with beautiful chord solos, substitutions, inversions, harmonisations and solo guitar


What my Students Say

A New Concept

Why this format?

Since April 2020, we have been running a membership site which is a great ever-growing community of Gypsy Jazz guitarists.

Now, the reason we are offering this new course – Gypsy Jazz Master Studies – is because we keep getting asked “how can I commit to learning with you even if I’m too busy for a membership-based program?”

So we decided to create something that we’ve never done before.

With “Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Studies”, you can now take your skills to stage level…on your own schedule!

who is Gypsy Jazz Guitar 3 Skills Bundle – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Stage Ready for?

Gypsy Jazz Guitarists who are very driven but don’t know how to hone their guitar skills

Guitarists who are to busy to commit to a membership-based program and prefer to follow their own schedule and study in their own time

Guitarists who want to up their Gypsy Jazz guitar playing game and get the right skills to make it to the stage

Gypsy Jazz guitarists who feel lost and confused about how and what to practice

Guitarists who want to create discipline in their lives so that you can put the right time into guitar practice

What You’ll Get

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons

Over 100 hours (and counting!) of Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons by Filippo Dall’Asta to master right hand technique, rhythm, chords, scales & arpeggios, licks, repertoire, solo transcription and music theory.

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Masterclasses by the best players in the scene

Inside the course you will have access to exclusive Gypsy Jazz guitar masterclasses by masters such as John Wheatcroft, Dario Napoli, Damjan Pejcinoski, Giangiacomo Rosso, just to name a few!

So that you can learn tips & tricks from the best in the scene.

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Bonus Training - How and What to practice

With so many lessons available in this course, knowing what and how to practise is critical to make the best out of this program.

In this course you will learn what to practice, and how to plan your practice schedule accordingly, so that you can create time in your week and get rid of that sense of frustration that you get when “you don’t practise enough”.

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