Filippo Dall’Asta’s

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Makeover Coaching

A result-oriented, one-of-a-kind program.

Focusing on practice and perseverance but also on the joy of playing music.



– You will find the class schedule, all learning material and instructions on how to join the calls HERE (you have to click on “Join” the enter the group)

– Every Monday, you will receive a link (via email and Facebook post) with the video of the lesson for the week.
Please do your best to watch it and work on it (or at least just watch it) on Monday or Tuesday latest.

– There will be two live “Momentum and Q&A” zoom sessions every week where you can ask any questions about the lesson, get help to get unstuck and where we can dive a bit deeper into the week’s topics.
Every Monday, you will receive an email with the date and time of all scheduled live calls for the week

– Should you not be able to join the live sessions, feel free to post your questions in the Facebook group. I will reply to you with a written answer, a video answer or by booking a quick 1-to-1 with you if I feel you need it to get unstuck.
*You will also receive an email with the replay of the live “Momentum and Q&A” sessions.

– NEW TO GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR? Make sure you check out our beginners resources here:


Looking forward to having you in the class!

Yours truly,

Filippo Dall’Asta