would You Like Me To Bring 8-10+ Gigs Per Month To Your Calendar,

And Grow Your Audience Of FANS Who Will Buy Your Music And Come To Your Shows – GUARANTEED?

Hey there,

I’ll cut to the chase…

If you want to add 8-10+ paying gigs (not just any gig, the type of gig you really want) to your calendar, and grow an audience of loyal fans who will buy your music and come to your shows, this might be the most important letter you’ll read all day.

Here’s why:

Seven years ago, I started studying with a booking agent who showed me how he was booking 1500+ gigs per year for his bands.

Here’s a quick overview of the system:

1 -You set up your online visibility to industry standard

So when promoters google you (and they will) they will be confident in booking you

2 - You create and grow an audience and community of FANS that buy all of your music

Watch all of your videos, and come to your shows

3 - You use the “TOUR-SAMPLING” system to find EXACTLY the venues and festivals that will love your music

And build a long-term relationship with those promoters so that they will keep booking you for gigs

4 - You rinse-and-repeat steps 2. and 3.

To fill your diary with the gigs that you want.

Sounds great, right?

I was excited, so…

In Q2 of 2016, I IMPERFECTLY (I prioritised ACTION over PERFECTION) started applying this strategy for myself.
By Q4 of 2016, I had more gigs than I could handle.

So even though if I had applied this system imperfectly, this strategy generated from 5 to 7 gigs per week in less than 4 months

  • Even though I was an introvert.
  • Even though I didn’t have any prior skills reaching out to venues and promoters.
  • Even though I didn’t have an existing audience nor a following.
  • Even though I had no previous experience in marketing myself, and I didn’t feel comfortable promoting myself on social media.
  • Even though I had been unsuccessful several times in the past.
  • Even though the competition in London was high.
  • Even though I had a hectic schedule and didn’t have much spare time.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY…even though I wasn’t the best musician in town (in fact, looking back, I would say I was a pretty average player back then…)

But what is cool (in my opinion) is that it didn’t work well just for me…

I started working with students to help them implement this strategy.

The results?

My student Morris landed 6 dream gigs after just a few months of implementing this system, and he started with NO AUDIENCE and NO PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL


My student Morris landed 6 dream gigs after just a few months of implementing this system, and he started with NO AUDIENCE and NO PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL


My student Pablo (based in the USA) landed a gig in Barcelona’s (Spain) most famous Jazz club and is working on his first Spanish tour around it.
When he started working with me, he had never did a single gig before in his life.

On top of that, after seeing his success, word is spreading about him and he is starting to get gigs by WORD OF MOUTH.


My student Anna launched a €12.000 crowdfunding campaign for her upcoming album. She had NO AUDIENCE, yet managed to raise €1570 in just the first 2 days.
(Anna currently raised €5360 at the time of writing this, with another 48 days to go to the end of her campaign).


My student, Eleonora, got a full schedule of gigs in Australia with her project “JazzAmore”

I have waaaay more success stories than this.

In fact…
I just did the maths and realised that I helped my students book 570 gigs with the tour sampling system in the past 12 months!!

How crazy is that?

We cracked the code and have a proven system that WORKS!

And this week…

I’m looking for a few more musicians who want to make a VERY profitable and fulfilling career out of playing their music and grow their audience of fans…

…so they can add at least 8-10+ gigs (of the gigs they really want) per month to their calendar.

And if you qualify to be one of them, I’ll not just teach you how to do this…

I’ll directly mentor you and do everything WITH YOU to guarantee your success.

Here’s what it means…


we’ll hop on a 1:1 call to create a specific game-plan

We’ll tailor it to your specific situation, according to where you are right now, and clearly define your short-term and long-term goals.
Then, in this first phase, I’ll personally help you create (or improve) your online visibility, your project, your biography, your promotional photos and videos, your website, your social media profiles and everything you need to have a top-notch, industry standard online visibility. I’ll even help you get testimonials and quotes from well known players (I know a few tricks ;), so that you can feature them on your website and social media and instantly elevate your status as an artist.
We’ll also get clear on the specific $$$ target for your annual revenue from gigs and from your music,

…and reverse engineer the numbers so we know exactly how many gigs, fans and buyers we need to hit that target.

Once you have complete clarity on your numbers and an impeccable online presence, we’ll move to the next phase…


I’ll help you create a marketing strategy

We’ll tailor it to your specific situation so that you can grow your audience of fans that will come to your shows, watch your videos and buy your music. Every piece of content that you release, will be consumed by a large audience of people who love your music.

I’ll also give you my templates to build a landing page to grow your mailing list exponentially and my proven templates for your social media posts, so you don’t need to spend hours and hours building it out yourself.

I will give you all of my email templates, social media promo and post templates and ideas, landing page templates to capture your fans’ email addresses, templates to contact podcasts and interviews hosts, and much more…

I will also personally help you get thousands of views on your videos and thousands of streams on your music.
And then, if needed, I’ll also show you how to create a simple Facebook ad campaign (including set up, ad creatives and copy) to grow your audience even faster, and get people to your gigs (don’t need a big budget for that, you can spend as little as $10 per day on ads and still get a very successful campaign)

At this point, you’ll have an audience of raging fans and a rinse-and-repeat system to keep growing it.

Once you have complete clarity on your numbers and an impeccable online presence, we’ll move to the next phase…


I’ll help you fill your calendar with the gigs you really want and make a very profitable career as a musician.

I’ll give you my proven system to find the right venues and festivals that will love your music, and I will personally help you to find the EXACT PERSON in charge of the bookings.

On top of that, I’ll give you my proven done-for-you email templates (the same I use for myself) to optimise the response rate from promoters and build a long-lasting relationship with them, so that they book you not once but again and again.
YES – the exact same templates that has generated over 570+ gigs for my students in the past 12 months (and counting).

At this point, you’ll have:

Industry standard marketing material…so that when promoters look you up online, they’ll be impressed by your professionalism
A big audience of fans loving your music, so that every video you release will get lots of views, every album or song you release will get thousands of streams
At least an additional 8-10+ paying gigs per month in you calendar…and the kind of gigs you really want to

And that’s not all…

I will even help you with:

    My personal step-by-step guide to release your own album, from writing the songs to the release (including the marketing campaign and if needed a crowdfunding campaign to raise up to 12k to make the album)
    Getting on podcasts, interviews, blogs and radios
    Getting your music on Spotify playlists
    Growing and monetising your Youtube channel
    Creating additional revenue with Patreon
    Delegating your admin work, so that you can focus on your music
    The bottom line is this…
    By the end of this process, you’ll have everything you need and a rinse-and-repeat system to systematically add paying gigs to your calendar, and grow an online audience of thousands of fans who buy your music, consume your content and come to your shows…

    …so that you can make a VERY profitable career out of playing music.

    And how is it delivered?

    I do have different level of access,
    but my GOLD PLAN includes:


      You’ll get lifetime access to the step-by-step online course that will show you everything you need to add 8-10+ paying gigs per month to your calendar, and grow an online audience of thousands of fans who buy your music, consume your content and come to your shows.
      (PS if you have a band, the whole band gets access to the course, so that you can all be on the same page)


      For 6 months, you’ll be able to book a mentorship call with me and the other students so that I can personally answer any of your questions and help you with whatever you need the most so you can implement everything without an guesswork! These sessions are as long as they need to be, and they are a invaluable since you will also get to learn from the journey of the other students.


      We regularly invite professionals from the music industry to give masterclasses. These exclusive sessions offer you a unique opportunity to gain insights, knowledge, and inspiration directly from experts who have made significant strides in their career as musicians. Through these masterclasses, you will not only expand your musical horizons but also forge valuable connections with industry insiders.


      You’ll get everything you need to crush it with your online presence, promotion and gig-booking (email templates, social media promo templates, proven done-for-you scripts to approach promoters and book your gigs, landing page templates to capture your fans’ email addresses, scripts to reach out to and get on podcasts, blogs and radios…and even contract templates to send to venues and festival for when they book you). This alone will save your HOURS of your time and eliminate all the guesswork from the process


      We provide you with a Social Media Branding Kit made by our web designer. In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for artists, and this kit is designed to empower you in that regard. It includes professionally crafted templates for creating a consistent and compelling brand identity as an artist across various social media platforms. By leveraging this you can build a strong and recognisable online persona.


      I have contracted my web designer to build your new website from scratch (or re-design your existing one) so that it features all off the tools we learned in the 100 Gigs Workshop (landing pages, email capture, integration with email marketing platform…).
      This will be made by a professional (she charged me 6000$ for my website), it will look amazing and it will save you a lot of time and money (limited spots available)


      Aside from already having access to the course, weekly mentorship calls, done-for-you resources and the private community, you’ll also have UNLIMITED 1:1 support from me for 6 months through a chat in WhatsApp. You can send me a text/voice message ANYTIME (yes, it’s truly unlimited) you need any support, feedback or help with anything.


      You’ll get access to a private community on Facebook exclusive to the students of the program, where you can also ask questions and post your material for review (so you can get feedback and support even outside of the mentorship calls). On top of that, you’ll be in a supportive environment of like-minded musicians on the same path as you.

      what I’ll do for you


      Nobody is doing this. But if you implement everything, show up on the coaching calls & execute the content of the program…I guarantee that by the end of the 6 months you’ll add at least 8 PAYING GIGS to your calendar every month or I’ll keep working with you free of charge until you do! (Hint: Because I only pick the right students, none of my students had to use this as of right now)

      I hope that you can see that this is a truly DONE-WITH-YOU MENTORSHIP.

      And with the Guarantee you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      My goal is to create a new epic success stories.

      And I’m looking for 6 more people who are ready to commit and kill it with their career as musicians.

      Anyway – as you can imagine, I’ll probably get a LOT of interest from this letter.

      And that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully:

      And how is it delivered?

      This Is NOT For Everybody.
      Here’s Who I CAN Help:

      I’m going to be VERY picky about who I work with.

      After all, I’m literally guaranteeing you’ll add at least 8 PAYING GIGS monthly to your calendar, which is a bold claim and I don’t take it lightly.

      So I’ll be taking a chance on YOU (which I’m more than happy to do if you meet my criteria.)

      Here it is:

      You have to have a music project already (or at least a clear idea)

      This offer is for artists who are up and running already or at least have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in the career as musicians.

      I won’t work with complete beginners.

      You must be proficient at playing your instrument (or/and singing if you also sing)

      If that’s not the case, this strategy will be useless for you. I am not saying you should be the next Mozart, I am saying you should be at least good at what you do as a musician.
      Or, you should at least have a clear idea of how to work hard on it to excel at your music in the short-term.

      You MUST follow directions. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything weird.)

      I need you to get the results.

      And I know if you follow directions, and you meet all the other criteria, you will.

      If you’re not coachable, have a big ego or you think you already know it all…this is NOT FOR YOU!

      That’s it! Those are all my requirements.