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Start the new year on the right foot: take your Gypsy Jazz Guitar skills to the next level.

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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Accelerator

Make money playing guitar.

Whether you have never played professionally before, or you are already a professional looking to take your music career to the next level, with this program you get to:

  • Work personally with Filippo to get top notch coaching on the business side of the music industry.
  • Become a band leader
  • Release and promote your own music
  • Gain an audience who loves and buys your music
  • Fill your calendar with the gigs that you really want.

Apply today to book a call with Filippo to see if we can work together with this.

There is a cap to the amount of students I can serve at my best at the same time, so this is limited to 5 students only.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching

Get live coaching from Filippo Dall’Asta
to hone your Gypsy jazz skills in all areas of guitar playing.


  • Weekly live coaching calls
  • Weekly lesson to watch
    in your own time
  • Interactive activities
  • Individual feedback and
  • Workbooks, tabs & diagrams
  • Group performances with
    the other students
  • Skill development library
  • Exclusive live guest masterclasses
    by the best players in the scene
  • Monthly VIP workshops
  • Accountability system
  • Regular recap sessions
  • Private Facebook group.

There is a cap to the amount of students I can serve at my best at the same time, so this is limited to 10 spots only.

Right Hand Technique Course

The picking technique in Gypsy Jazz guitar is the engine of this music.

Get that authentic Gypsy Jazz tone by conquering the right-hand technique with over 10 hours of lessons  by Filippo Dall’Asta to help you master the picking technique for Gypsy Jazz guitar.

Each lesson comes with video and PDFs with tabs and diagrams.

After taking this course you will be able to express your ideas fluently on the guitar, whilst having that authentic Gypsy jazz tone.

Retail Price: $119 | Special Price: $97

Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Master

They say that in order to become a great soloist, you must become a great rhythm player first.

With this course you will confident and in-demand rhythm player by mastering the fundamentals of “La Pompe”, the Gypsy Bossa, Ballads, the Bolero, the Gypsy Rumba, the Rumba Waltz, the Gypsy jazz Waltz…and how to swing!

Each lesson comes with video, PDFs with tabs and diagrams, and listening references.

“When you become a great rhythm player, everyone will want to play with you!”

Retail Price: $119 | Special Price: $97

Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards

Grow your repertoire and be ready for your next jam session!

In this course you will learn how to play the chords and the melody for:

  • Minor Swing
  • Night and Day
  • Douce Ambiance
  • Django’s Castle
  • Yesterdays
  • Blue Skies
  • Bossa Dorado
  • Autumn Leaves
  • What Is This Thing Called Love
  • For Sephora
  • After You’ve Gone
  • Djangology
  • Troublant Bolero
  • Double Jeu
  • Caravan

On top of that, a new Gypsy jazz standard will be added to the course every 8 weeks.

Each lesson comes with video, PDFS, chord charts, tablatures and listening references.

Additionally, you’ll also learn my special system to learn new songs, which will allow you to learn new tunes inside-out and don’t forget them just a couple of weeks later.

Retail Price: $119 | Special Price: $97

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Stage Ready

Get the 3 courses above in 1!
Right Hand Technique Course + Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Master + Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards

If you’re more serious about taking your guitar skills to the next level and want to get to a level where you can perform for an audience, then this bundle is for you.

Here you can conquer the picking technique for Gypsy jazz guitar, become a solid rhythm player and expand your repertoire.

Retail Price: $357 | Special Price: $299

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Mastery

This is an ever-growing library of more than 100 hours (and counting!) of Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons by Filippo Dall’Asta and some of the best tutors in the world (John Wheatcroft, Giangiacomo Rosso, Dario Napoli, Damjan Pejcinoski and Fredi Gebhardt to name a few) each in video and PDF format, with guitar tabs and chord & scales diagrams.

All lessons are sorted by category (right hand technique, rhythm, chords, scales & arpeggios, licks, learn standards, solo transcriptions and music theory) so that you can comb through all the lessons and focus on the areas of Gypsy jazz guitar playing that you need to focus on to take your skills to performance level…

By enrolling, you get life-time access to the library, so you can do this in your own time and following your own schedule!

In this course you also get access to a special training that consistently teaches you how to practice, what to practice every day, as well as how to design your perfect practice routine, so that you can implement this in your life and get the results that you want as soon as possible.

Retail Price: $497 | Special Price: $397

Everything Bundle

Get access to all of our programs and courses listed above

Retail Price: $5914 | Special Price: $4497


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Retreat - VIP option for free

Immerse yourself in a week of studying Gypsy Jazz guitar in person with Filippo Dall’Asta in Tenerife, Spain – one of Europe’s most beautiful island!

The Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master Retreat is a unique, very intimate experience (only 9 spaces available) focused on developing your performance skills in Gypsy Jazz guitar.

By the end of the retreat, you will have exponentially grown your skills in right hand technique, rhythm (La Pompe, Bossa, Rumba, Bolero and more…), improvisation and repertoire so that you are ready to sit comfortably through your next jam session and have the confidence to take your skills to the stage.

In between instructional lessons and jam sessions, you’ll get to join Filippo and 8 other guitarists exploring the countryside, lounging by the pool, taking a walk to one of Tenerife’s best beaches, explore the local nightlife and eat catered meals from local Spanish master chefs.

An intensive experience, that brings solid and lasting results…don’t miss this chance of finally transforming your playing and become a confident player of Gypsy jazz guitar!

With this special offer, you can get our VIP option for free.

VIP option for free


our students


I have benefited a great deal from the lessons so far and can look back on the things I know now that I didn’t two years ago. It has provided targets, focus and inspiration and being part of a community of supportive like-minded people. I look forward to another year and looking back again then and seeing what so have learned. I look forward to setting some targets with you and seeing how it goes on this continuous journey to be the musician I want to be.

Tony White

I really enjoyed these first few weeks of the program and I am sure that joining this program was one of the best decisions of my guitar journey. Looking forward to all that will come in future.

Stojan Nedic

I’ve been using Filippo’s practice plan advice for a couple of weeks and it’s really starting to help make each session more productive

Mark Putnam

Hi I am Dan Pinchbeck, I have leukemia. In 2021 I almost lost my life to this cancer. I lost my mom two days before I almost died. When I was in the hospital, I listened to Django as a way to cope. I promised my self I would take up his music “IF GOD WOULD SAVE ME ” well I am out of danger, and I am now playing Manouche Swing, Filippo is a great teacher and as it turns out a good friend. Really Filippo, thank you

Dan Pinchbeck

I’m really enjoying the lessons. Having the new tasks each week is really helping me focus my practice, previously I was just jumping from one youtube tutorial to another. Now I feel like I’m progressing on many fronts.

Drew Whitehouse

I’m really grateful that I discovered you and your life-changing program

Vebjørn Hagen Igland

The gypsy jazz makeover is the next best thing to spending time in gypsy camps and jamming in clubs in Paris. The lessons on right hand technique are worth the price alone. My perspectives and approach have been super charged by Filippo and this program.

Andy Park

I had a rehearsal the other day for my upcoming gig and I haven’t seen these guys for 6 weeks but they both commented how my pompe was such crisper!

Rick Spence

I’m loving the course. I have done, and am doing, a number of different on-line courses, you’d be surprised at the poor standard of them.  You have developed something quite special I think.

Jon Parker

I played a gig  and actually enjoyed it, I felt really relaxed, without any of the stage fright I always used to suffer … something’s definitely going on, so thanks for your help with that!

Chris Lane