Learn 16 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Standards in the next 2 weeks

Pro Gypsy Jazz guitarist Filippo Dall’Asta’s proven system for Growing your Gypsy Jazz repertoire, learning new songs quickly and standing out at your next jam session.

What is “Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards”?

“Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards” is an ever-growing self-learning course of more than 12 hours (and counting!) for beginner and intermediate Gypsy jazz guitarists who want to discover how to learn new songs quickly, up-level their skill set and grow their repertoire so that they can show up to their next jam session sounding like a true professional.

In this course you will learn how to play the chords and the melody for:

    • Minor Swing
    • Night and Day
    • Douce Ambiance
    • Django’s Castle
    • Yesterdays
    • Blue Skies
    • Bossa Dorado
    • Autumn Leaves
    • What Is This Thing Called Love
    • For Sephora
    • After You’ve Gone
    • Djangology
    • Troublant Bolero
    • Double Jeu
    • Caravan
    • Bistro Fada
    • I’ll See You In My Dreams

    On top of that, “Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards” is an ever-growing library of in-depth videos that will teach you a new Gypsy jazz standard every 8 weeks.

    What you’ll get

    • Printable and easy to read Chord charts
    • Chord diagrams (how to play all chords in each song)
    • Song melodies written in tabs AND music notation
    • A step-by-step system to learn new songs quickly
    • PDFs
    • Listening resources

    When you enroll, you get instant life-time access to the entire library along with all future updates to the course.
    This is a self-study program so you can learn on the go, in your own time, do this in your own time and become a pro Gypsy jazz guitar player on your own schedule!

    In this course you also get access to a special training that consistently teaches you how to practice, what to practice every day, as well as how to design your perfect practice routine, so that you can implement this in your life and get the results that you want as soon as possible.


    Good or good?


    What my Students Say


    I have benefited a great deal from the lessons so far and can look back on the things I know now that I didn’t two years ago. It has provided targets, focus and inspiration and being part of a community of supportive like-minded people. I look forward to another year and looking back again then and seeing what so have learned. I look forward to setting some targets with you and seeing how it goes on this continuous journey to be the musician I want to be.

    Tony White

    I really enjoyed these first few weeks of the program and I am sure that joining this program was one of the best decisions of my guitar journey. Looking forward to all that will come in future.

    Stojan Nedic

    I’ve been using Filippo’s practice plan advice for a couple of weeks and it’s really starting to help make each session more productive

    Mark Putnam

    I’m really enjoying the lessons. Having the new tasks each week is really helping me focus my practice, previously I was just jumping from one youtube tutorial to another. Now I feel like I’m progressing on many fronts.

    Drew Whitehouse

    I’m really grateful that I discovered you and your life-changing program

    Vebjørn Hagen Igland

    The gypsy jazz makeover is the next best thing to spending time in gypsy camps and jamming in clubs in Paris. The lessons on right hand technique are worth the price alone. My perspectives and approach have been super charged by Filippo and this program.

    Andy Park

    I had a rehearsal the other day for my upcoming gig and I haven’t seen these guys for 6 weeks but they both commented how my pompe was such crisper!

    Rick Spence

    I’m loving the course. I have done, and am doing, a number of different on-line courses, you’d be surprised at the poor standard of them.  You have developed something quite special I think.

    Jon Parker

    I played a gig  and actually enjoyed it, I felt really relaxed, without any of the stage fright I always used to suffer … something’s definitely going on, so thanks for your help with that!

    Chris Lane

    This gypsy jazz coaching system what you have been creating is truly amazing. I am getting a lot of ideas for my own teaching too.

    Marko Kampman

    who is the “Learn Gypsy Jazz Standards” Course for?

    Guitarists who want to expand their Gypsy jazz repertoire

    Guitarists who need a system to learn new songs quickly, and retain what they learn

    Guitarists who want to up their Gypsy Jazz guitar playing game and get the right skills to sit comfortably through a jam session

    Gypsy Jazz guitarists who feel lost and confused about how and what to practice

    Guitarists who are too busy to commit to a membership-based program and prefer to follow their own schedule and study in their own time

    What You’ll Get

    Video Lessons - valued at $75

    Over 12 hours of video lessons (and counting!) of lessons by Filippo Dall’Asta to help you grow your repertoire, be ready for your next jam session and learn a proven system to learn new songs quickly.

    Learning Resources - valued at $25

    Chord charts, chord diagrams (how to play all chords in each song), song melodies written in tabs AND music notation, a step-by-step system to learn new songs quickly, PDFs, listening resources.

    Bonus Training - How and What to practice - valued at $19

    With so many lessons available in this course, knowing what and how to practise is critical to make the best out of this program.

    In this course you will learn what to practice, and how to plan your practice schedule accordingly, so that you can create time in your week and get rid of that sense of frustration that you get when “you don’t practise enough”.

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    A New Concept

    Why this format?

    Since April 2020, we have been running a membership site which is a great ever-growing community of Gypsy Jazz guitarists.

    Now, the reason we are offering these new pill-size courses is because we keep getting asked “how can I commit to learning with you even if I’m too busy for a membership-based program?”

    So we decided to create something that we’ve never done before.

    Now you can now take your skills to stage level…on your own schedule!