Meet the Teachers

Filippo Dall’Asta

Filippo Dall’Asta is professional Gypsy jazz guitar player and the founder of the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master and Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching programs. At this point, Filippo has played over 1,500 gigs (and counting!), touring and recording with legends such as Mozes Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Giacomo Smith, Duved Dunayevsky, and contemporary musicians such as The Onironauts and Tara Minton (Björk) to name a few.

His debut solo album, ‘Mediterasian,’ was lauded by the LA Music Critic Awards as ‘one of the best instrumental albums of 2018.’ 

Over the years, while continuously (and quite obsessively) honing his guitar skills, Filippo has learned how to effectively deal with the business side of the live music industry: becoming a performer and bandleader, promoting my work, gaining online visibility, and getting paid to play the big stages.

In addition to more than 18 years of teaching experience, about 2 years ago he has started the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master project as a means to replicate his tried and tested process with his students. Since then, Filippo has helped dozens of students to become professional Gypsy Jazz guitarists, promote their work and get paid to play.

His goal is to help Gypsy jazz guitarists use this process to realise their calling as artists and rise up as recognised musicians.




I’ve been using Filippo’s practice plan advice for a couple of weeks and it’s really starting to help make each session more productive

Mark Putnam

I’m really enjoying the lessons. Having the new tasks each week is really helping me focus my practice, previously I was just jumping from one youtube tutorial to another. Now I feel like I’m progressing on many fronts.

Drew Whitehouse

I’m really grateful that I discovered you and your life-changing program

Vebjørn Hagen Igland

The gypsy jazz makeover is the next best thing to spending time in gypsy camps and jamming in clubs in Paris. The lessons on right hand technique are worth the price alone. My perspectives and approach have been super charged by Filippo and this program.

Andy Park

I had a rehearsal the other day for my upcoming gig and I haven’t seen these guys for 6 weeks but they both commented how my pompe was such crisper!

Rick Spence

I’m loving the course. I have done, and am doing, a number of different on-line courses, you’d be surprised at the poor standard of them.  You have developed something quite special I think.

Jon Parker

I played a gig  and actually enjoyed it, I felt really relaxed, without any of the stage fright I always used to suffer … something’s definitely going on, so thanks for your help with that!

Chris Lane

This gypsy jazz coaching system what you have been creating is truly amazing. I am getting a lot of ideas for my own teaching too.

Marko Kampman

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel to proficient soloing for the first time in my gypsy jazz journey.
This system is light years ahead of any other online teaching program I’ve come across.
Filippo Dall’Asta is the finest instructor online. He’s taken my technique farther than I thought was possible.

Matthew Materazzi

I joined Filippo Dall’Asta’s coaching program last spring to improve my gypsy jazz skills for a new song we were working with my singer/songwriting partner. I felt that I was learning new stuff and getting better constantly. Thanks Filippo for your teaching and support!

Jukka Kinnunen

Giangiacomo Rosso

Giangiacomo Rosso approaches the guitar under the guidance of Pietro Ballestrero. From a very young age he became passionate about Django Reinhardt’s music thus starting a self-taught training in search of the sounds of Gypsy Jazz, appreciating the style of contemporary interpreters such as Bireli Lagrene, Adrien Moignard, Rocky Gresset and Sebastien Giniaux.

 After studying and perfecting himself with musicians such as Bireli Lagrene, Angelo Debarre, Adrien Moignard embarked on a busy concert career as a soloist of the Gipsy Accident trio, participating in various editions of the Turin Jazz Festival, the Pennabilli Django Festival and the Popiglio Django Festival.

 Finally he is part of the Electroswing project “The Sweet Life Society” with which he has performed in many European festivals: including Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Fusion, Peninsula FelZiget, Jiva Zik. In 2014 he played in the Jazz Festivals of Turin, Sorrento, Ragusa, and Rome.

 He has performed in Italy, Germany, France, England, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Holland.

Since 2013, he is a teacher at the Torino Jazz School in Italy




I met Giangiacomo Rosso in 2016 when, having just discovered Gypsy Jazz, I was curious to approach this genre. It went very well for me, Giangiacomo is a fan of the Django’s music and tradition as well as an impeccable musician. And above all he is really a great teacher: when I started learning with him I had not touched the guitar for two years, but I gradually learned that dedication and discipline in the study lead to greater freedom on the instrument.  Giangiacomo is a really great teacher for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the guitar in general, and in particular of the Jazz Manouche language.

Tobia D.

I met Giangiacomo 5 years ago in my jazz school. A great musician as well as an excellent teacher who manages to convey the passion for Jazz Manouche music and all that it represents, regardless of your level

Federico B.

Lola Rutherford

Lola Rutherford is a professional vocalist, certified mindset coach and the founder of Soulbird Coaching.

She has performed all over the world, on primetime TV (BBC1) and released music under her artist name “Lorena Dale”. She has played across Europe with DJ Sammy (Heaven, Boys of Summer), sang for HRH King Charles at a Prince’s Trust Charity event, and had a number 1 single in the iTunes Jazz Charts.

But before all that, she was a poor, struggling artist working multiple crappy jobs just to pay the bills, that drained her energy and led to her feeling burnt out and with no life.

Now, Lola teaches the same transformational money, mindset and business tools that helped her go from “starving artist” to an in demand, international session vocalist.

By rewiring their mindset for success and abundance, Lola helps other creative freelancers to ditch the self doubt, stop self-sabotaging and start sharing their artistic gifts with confidence, so that they can make a sustainable living doing what they love.




Since working with Lola, I can tell you that my motivation for success is here to stay! I wake up wanting to get to work. I have an unstoppable drive and I look forward to ruling the day. Her tools for change are powerful and I truly received way more than I ever expected. I am overjoyed with my results and would recommend Lola to anyone who’s looking for forward momentum in their life and/or career.

Nzinga M.

Lola is without doubt one of the most positive and inspiring people I’ve had the privilege of working with. I was seeking some clarity as to where to take my career, and how to get the kind of life that I want to lead. I took one of Lola’s Clarity and Goal Setting Sessions, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. While I’m still trying to figure out a few things, she has helped my greatly on the path to finding that clarity and to leading the life that I’ve always dreamed of. Definitely recommend that you take the plunge and book a session!

Nathalie C.
Musician & Recording Artist

I was completely overwhelmed with what projects I should put my energy into. I had a myriad of things on my mind and found it really difficult to understand which ones were the money makers that would also fulfiull me creatively and give something back to the world. Lola guided me through her unique process calmly and rationally (when I was full of emotion and confusing thoughts) and helped me categorise and get a clear picture of which were the projects most likely to add value to my career and my life. I now have narrowed my goals into a clear picture and am cupping away at them day by day thanks to her expert guidance. Thank you Lola.

Mandy M.
Singer & Creative Business Owner