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The workshop will start on the 19th of February, 2024 at  9 AM PST
We will go LIVE with a new training at 9 am PST every single day for 3 days.

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our students


Hello Filippo, here is the offer I received from Christkindlmarkt. You may remember when we first began working together, this is the first place we put in the Venues list. WOW! I thought perhaps one day I may play there for a night. What an amazing outcome. They offer to play six dates in less than six months of us working together. Thank you for your instruction and inspiration. I would not be this far without your guidance.

Morris Mott

Filippo is a perfect guide for intermediates and beginners together. Then sometimes I notice that something I learned from gypsy jazz has filtered down into my compositions in a different form. It’s definitely helped me in my musical projects even though they are worlds away, stylistically speaking.

Jem Bosatta

Since joining Filippo’s program, I feel a lot more confident in my playing and I feel competent in nurturing and working on my unique style. I always dreamt of playing this music for a living…and 6 months after joining Filippo’s program I finally I have just booked my first gig in a Jazz club , with my own band! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Clement Sigoigne

The program led me to play with a lot more confidence and inspiration than before. Finally I can convey to the public something more than before and certainly have more visibility and the possibility of growing in this environment.

Alain Bonelli