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Filippo Dall’Asta is a great musician and teacher, I’ve joined his course 2 months ago and I’m totally satisfied! He has good playing and competency on live lessons. I’ve noticed improvements about my playing and theory knowledge after only 2 months. 100% recommended!

- Alain B.


This is such a complete course, absolutely brilliant. I have been a participant for the last 9 months and have noticed huge improvements in my playing and knowledge not only in Gypsy Jazz but also in my whole understanding of music. Filippo is a brilliantly motivated positive coach who is totally committed to his student’s success. He really connects with you and understands the journey you are on, where you are at, and gently but firmly keeps you moving forward.

- Joshua L.


I’ve been taking part in Filippo’s lessons since March, and it’s been transformative. Filippo’s lessons build on each other so that I know I have a better understanding of both the fretboard and harmony. Filippo is very good at explaining things and really pays attention to his student’s progress. Highly recommended.

- Joseph R.